Virtual Design Lab (VDL) 

Masters of Science in Biomimicry 
Arizona State University ‘21 

My final project for the MS in Biomimicry initially focused on exploring synthetic pond liners and how they can be reimagined through the biomimetic lens. Yet, before I started thinking of materials, I realized that perhaps I should explore what I can learn from how other species in nature create ponds. I studied the passive mechanism through which the elephants create ponds through their footprints and how beavers create ponds by transitioning a natural flowing stream to standing water. I also looked at the bromeliad's water tank and its superhydrophobic material. When I started to understand how keystone species, such as the elephants or beavers, act as ecosystem engineers and modify their environments, it became very clear to me that something needs to change in how we, humans, design our landscapes and materials.

Note:   The images do not belong to me. The credits for each picture can be found below. The photos are used only for educational purposes.