I am a researcher, visual artist, and writer interested in reimagining knowledge systems, creating awareness of the overlooked, and developing an artistic practice that combines art, science and ecological restoration. In 2021, I received a Master of Science in Biomimicry from Arizona State University where I explored how other species in nature create freshwater aquatic habitats and a Master’s of Arts degree in Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies from the Rhode Island School of Design where I explored through creative writing the transition of a bibliophile into a budding ecologist in a project called “A Pond Becomes a Forest.” I was also part of the 5th cohort of the Certified Biomimicry Professional (BPro) program from Biomimicry 3.8. Currently, I am exploring how learning from processes and systems in nature can provide solutions to freshwater pollution such as floating wetlands that clean water through the food web by amplifying the natural processes occurring between sunlight, water, plants, and microorganisms. I contemplate the biodiversity living on the undersides of a lily pad or the process of ecological succession in a pond each time I need to remember and to reconnect. “How does nature create habitat?” is the question I am the most passionate about.